What To Do When the Eyes Have Had It

Tax Time

Anyone working in a field that requires scrutiny of facts and figures can experience eye strain after staring at a computer screen for hours, and this is especially true of those who prepare taxes on a regular basis.  Reducing screen time becomes difficult now that we rely on our social media to operate our businesses and entertain ourselves.  This condition, officially known as asthenopia,has symptoms such as blurred vision, headache and is pronounced after long periods of sitting at a computer doing detailed work.

Although working as a tax consultant, preparer or auditor can be interesting and rewarding, it tends to be very hard on the eyes.  Care must be taken to protect the vision one relies on so heavily for a living.  It is recommended that everyone have annual eye exams, and use updated prescriptions to buy eyeglasses and contacts.  You can get that done easily when you use the services at Coastal with a Groupon coupon or other promo code.  New customers can save 20% off their first visit, and will have the opportunity to save even more on their goods and services by using other exclusive deals from Groupon.  It should come as no surprise that the company would team up with a mega-site like Groupon.  Since their launch as an early adopter of online selling, they have been true to their mission of providing quality designer eye glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices.  They have been driven by their desire to make prescription eye care available for contact lenses and frames since the turn of the millennium.  Their passion for quality is matched by their customer service, and shipping is always free to any place in the United States.

Those who work long hours in front of computer screens or make frequent use of tablets and phones should have their eyes examined yearly.  To reduce eye strain, experts say you should be sure your lighting provides indirect incandescent or light that is full spectrum to approximate that emitted by the sun. Eye strain issues may be a permanent part of your job, but if you do some number crunching, you’ll find how easy it is to save money on your eyecare needs by using Groupons for Coastal.